Festival days Nerja

1 January New Years day, national holiday
5 January 3 kings parade from 17 on
6 January 3 kings day, national holiday
Feb/March  Carnaval, parade on Saturday afternoon from 17
28 Feb                     Dia de Andalucia, holiday in andalucia
Mar/ April Easter holy week, processions in Nerja thursday and fridaynight and sundaymorning
3 Mayo  Dia de los cruces, competition who makes the nicest cross of flowers between streets of Nerja
15 Mayo sanisidro (640x480)San Isidro, saint of the farmers. Procession from the Balcon to the caves in Maro, with flamencodresses, horses, oxes etc. Party at the caves.
13 June+ Feria of Frigliliana, around the 13th, San Antonio
23 June night of San Juan, party on the beaches with camping, bonfires, fireworks, music.
24 June San Juan, holiday in Nerja
16 July Virgen del Carmen, saint of the fisherman. Procession from the Balcon to Torrecilla beach. From there on the virgen will be put on a boat and pass all the beaches and end up at the Calahonda beach. Before returning the virgen to the church, there will be fireworks on the 
15 Aug.+  Feria de Malaga around the 15th for a week 
August  Festival de tres culturas in Frigiliana, last weekend August
12 Oct +  Feria de Nerja, around the 10th (virgen de Angustias y San Miguel) and 12th (dia de Pilar, national holiday), there will be a small week of fiesta with fair, music bands, miss- and mister elections etc.
31 Okt.   Haloween
1 Nov.   All Saints day, national holiday
6 Dec.   Dia de constitution, national holiday
8 Dec.   Dia de inmaculada
24 Dec.   Noche Buena, Christmas eve
25 Dec.   Christmas, national holiday
31 Dec.   Noche Vieja, new years eve, party at the Balcon with live music and fireworks